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Press Series DZ

The DZ line (DZ = double cylinder) offers the opportunity to integrate two hydraulic cylinders in one compact machine design with two opposite straightening beams. The straightening triangle consists of a press ram on one side and a fixed straightening beam on the other side. In this case, the oppositely positioned pressure cylinder moves behind the level of the fixed straightening blocks The particular advantage of this construction design is the fact that - due to its symmetrical design - the machine builds up pressure in the opposite direction only by moving the working cylinder and without having to turn the process material. Only bending processes requiring a 900 offset make turning of the profile by 900 necessary. The rugged design of this press facilitates safe mounting of laser-supported measuring devices and the option of powered straightening blocks with adjustable clearance setting.

Powered rolls are also advisable. By reason of the moving force of the workpieces they are built most massive and are hardened. PC control with a measuring roll integrated in the machine table is another option enabling controlled straightening/bending according to pre-defined data parameters or semi-automated straightening respectively.

The control is easy to comprehend and can be intuitively applied without requiring considerable training.