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Our Straightening and Bending Machine Portfolio Standard and Special Machinery by Kunkel

Kunkel URM all-purpose straightening and bending machines are designed for individual and serial production. A solid work table with sufficient boreholes to attach a variety of tools and straightening beams turn our machines into multi-use, reliable pieces of equipment. The URM model type range combines safety, power and precision.  An installed precision hydraulic control in combination with a Heidenhain linear scale system allows starting or holding the cylinder position even under full load. The extraordinary repetitive accuracy of the work cylinder accomplishes production of exceptionally precise bent parts.

The large choice of accessory options for this machine facilitates all varieties of bending and straightening operations. Unlike a press brake, its free-standing machine table also allows to produce closed shapes. Additionally, it proves to be the most ergonomic and efficient way to always handle parts at a correct working height, while creating major benefits regarding flexibility and enhanced work processes. Despite its compact design, this machine is a true power package with great performance reserves for straightening and cambering steel profiles.

The Kunkel URM model type combines incredible power performance with the precision of a machine tool while baffling even production experts.